I680 North in Santa Clara County (Sinclair Freeway)

I280 South becomes I680 North here. Interstate 680 was not complete in San Josť until about 1978. It was numbered as Route 21 in areas until the freeway was under construction. Some old maps even had this section signed as "17" and 17 (now 880) signed as "To 680."  The interchange was not complete with US101 until about 1982. I added a lot of photos of I680 North on 4/12/2008. I added even more on 2/19/2009, and that was on a really good day!

I680 just North of US101 (280 South becomes 680 North at US 101) on February 19, 2009. I680 is an official scenic route. There was some snow on the mountains this day but you can't see them on this set. This is by mile one.

[I680 North]

This is from February 1989. There is snow in the mountains in the distance.

[I680 North]

This is from 2/19/2009, by Jackson Ave. This is by Exit 1B.

[I680 North]

This is by Capitol Expressway, on 2/19/2009. It is Exit 1C.

[680 North]

This is I680 North at Capitol Expressway, on 4/12/2008. The hills are either mainly green or with wildflowers in these sets from this day. This is two miles north of US101.

[I680 North]

I680 North in Santa Clara County
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