Highway 58 East (former US466)

This is JCT I15, which is former US91 and US66. US466 followed I15 North.
To get to 40 East, take I15 North for about a mile.
This new section is built south of the old route 58.

[58 East]

58 was rebuilt in Barstow to be a four and six lane lane freeway, starting about three miles west of I15, at Lenwood Rd. The overpasses are all dated from 1997, but some of the western bridges were done, but not open, in February 1998.

Interstate 15 North from Barstow (former US466)
Interstate 15 South
Arizona 143 South in Phoenix, Arizona
I80 East in Ohio and in Pennsylvania
I75 North in Ohio
Interstate 70 East in 2018 across Colorado
I270 South in Maryland
US30 East in Ohio, West Virginia, and in Pennsylvania
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