Highway 25 South in California

Highway 25 carries an unusually high amount of traffic from US 101 to Hollister. It has had a rush hour since the early 1990s. This highway needs to be wider, and have a divider, for safety's sake. The speed limit is 55 until Hollister and it is a daylight safety section. Unless otherwise noted, these photos are all from 3/23/2007. 25 used to be signed as both 25 and 180 until about 1968 (north of the intersection with present day J1.)

After US101 you see this mile sign:

Hollister       12
Pinnacles      46

You can bypass the narrow portion of 152 (from US101 to 156) by taking 25 to Shore Road to 156 East, then getting on 152 near Casa De Fruta.

This is one mile south of US101 and right after G7.

[25 South]

This is from March 1996, about three miles south of US101, when the hills were super green. This was one of the rainiest years for Northern California, second only to 1998 and 1982. It is before Bolsa. This is probably just north of the Pajaro River Bridge (and the San Benito County line.) Pacheco Peak (2772') is the peak at the extreme left, and Santa Ana Mountain (3112') is the peak to just right of center. You can see some of these mountains from behind when you are on J1 near the Fresno- San Benito County line.

[25 South]

This is three miles south of US101. Note the wildflowers.

[25 South]

These next two are from 10/18/2008. There were a lot of very pretty clouds this day.

[25 South]

This is just before Shore Road.

[25 South]

Shore Road East

Shore Road East in 2008 (supplemental gallery)

Highway 25 reaches the new highway 156 eight miles south of US101.
156 West
156 East

Highway 25 reaches 156 Business in Hollister. This is ten miles south of US101, by Flynn Road. An interchange is to be built at 156.

[25 South]

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