Shore Road East in San Benito County

This road is a way to bypass the formerly dangerous part of 152 (from US101 to 156.) It doesn't normally add more than a minute of time, and you bypass the westernmost hills on 152 in entirety. This is from 4/1/2009 and is just past 25.

[Shore Road East]

This is from the same day and a little further down the road.

[Shore Road East]

This is from March 1996, during an El Niño year, so the hills are very green. The tallest peak is Santa Ana Mountain  (3112') near the center of the picture.

[Shore Rd]

This is also from 4/1/2009 and it was taken just before Dunneville.

[Shore Road East] 

Shore Road changes names to Fairview Road, and passes through a tiny town called Dunneville.
Here you can get a good peek at the mountains of Merced and San Benito County. This is from April 1, 2009. The light with the junction of 156 is fairly new.

[Fairview Road East]

This was taken in July 1995.

        Road East

156 East

156 West

Fairview Road South (Shore Road becomes this at 156)

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