Highway 180 Under Construction

This is the ramp from 180 East to 41 North in October 1997. The 180 freeway then ran from 99 to 41. Half of this interchange (including this ramp) had existed for a long time. The rest was built in 1997-1998. Also, 180 ran into downtown from 41 until 1995, when it was extended westerly to 99, and by 1999, 180 extended from 99 to a few miles East of 41.  180 is currently extended west of 99 for a short distance.  Fresno probably has seen more new highway construction in California in the past 10 years other than any place other than Orange County. This first photo is taken in October 1997 and shows the interchange with 41 being expanded. It was a half interchange until about that time.

[180 and 41 in 1997]

This is the detour of 180 West running north up Chestnut Ave to the point where the 180 freeway starts. These three photos were taken 11/26/2003.

[The 180 detour]

A pile of concrete rubble in the freeway construction zone.

[The 180 detour]

This is the 180 Freeway Westbound between Chestnut and 168. The ramps from 168 to 180 are done for 180 East to 168 and 168 South to 180 West. The freeway is narrower here than the other sections of the 180 freeway. This project has a 2005 completion date. This freeway corridor is extremely wide.

[180 West approaching 168]

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