Highway 17 North in California

The summit is here (Patchen Pass) and here is the site of a landslide cleared away.

[17 North]

This is past the summit.
Note the burned out hillsides in the distance. Those hills burned in July 1985.

[17 North]

This was taken during Labor Day weekend in 1987. I used a zoom lens to show how things were growing back here.

[17 North]

There is no interchange with Blossom Hill RoadHighway 9 South.

85 North

85 South
San Tomas Expressway North

These next pictures of Highway 17 are from 8/25/2006, and are from 85 to Hamilton Avenue.

[17 North]

I can't believe I had my camera not only in my hands but also it was on when I saw this!
Note the mountain bike rider on the shoulder, on 10/15/2008. Bike riding on most California freeways is illegal, and this part of 17 is a dicey ride even in a car sometimes.

[17 North]

17 North

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