About My Web Hosting

Since December 2005 I have been on paid hosting by 1and1.com. I have found them to be very reliable and feature filled. I highly recommend them and they have many plans. I chose the "Home" plan and have much more bandwidth quota and space quota than I really need. I looked into others hosts, but found the best value here. I am on one of the Linux hosted plans, so the uptime I have actually seen is around 99.99%. For $4.99 a month, I get 150 GB of disk space, two domains,  and unlimited monthly bandwidth, of which I maybe use 5 GB. I also love having 1,200 email accounts available for my domain, under POP3, Webmail, and the best of all: IMAP. The price is very reasonable while the bandwidth and disk space allowances have grown tremendously.

I had the start of my domain in about an hour's time after registering. They do offer private domain registration, to keep your phone number and email address private.

I use no cookies or spyware on any of my pages here and there are no pop up ads. The ad below is the only one my domain.


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