US395 South

This set is from April 2001. This area grew a lot around the time these were taken. US395 North of here is to be Interstate 580.
Here is US395 in the south end of Carson City.

[US395 South]

This is the south end of Carson City in April 2001. This area has seen a dramatic increase in traffic just since the end of 2000. Unlike California, a lot of traffic doesn't mean a lot of rude or aggressive traffic. There are a lot of cars here, but they seem very polite overall.

[US395 South]

This is leaving Carson City and here at the south end of town you drop down into a valley below town. Minden and Gardnerville are next.

[US395 South]

This area is seeing active road work here.

[US395 South in April

US395 South in Nevada
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