US395 North in California

There are some lights on US395 north of I15. Some of them are pretty slow too. This set is from 7/8/2001, in San Bernardino County.
This part of US395 a proposed freeway, and this ride would be a lot faster if the freeway was done.

This ride is a scenic route. I have done bits and pieces of US395 up to Interstate 80.

Right after I15 you see a sign that says:

Kramer            42
Ridgecrest       87

This is 15 miles north of I15.

[US395 North]

17 miles north of I15.
I believe this is BLM land but I am not sure.

[US395 North]

21 miles north of I15

[US395 North]

This area was a surprise because it had standing water from thunderstorms that occurred earlier in the week and there were a few green plants around.
About here you see a road sign that says:

Ridgecrest           68
Lone Pine           138
Bishop               199

This is taken 25 miles north of I15.

[US395 North]

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