US101 North being widened in 2002

This set is from 1/19/2002. This stretch of highway, from Cochrane Road in Morgan Hill to Bernal Road, had been a backup for a long time. This section was built from 1980 - 1984, and though it was to be six lanes, it was actually four when it was done. The Measure A from 1992 was to widen it to eight lanes but that did not happen. It was finally widened with effort from the state and county. It was a huge difference! Then Governor Gray Davis presided over the opening in mid 2003. The speed limit was temporarily 60 MPH on this stretch. US101 had been eight lanes down to Bernal by about 1990. The existing pavement was resurfaced in the summer of 1997.

This entire set is of US101 North and this photo is from just past Cochrane.

[US101 widening]

The asphalt was resurfaced in the summer of 1997.

[US101 widening]

This is just before the new Bailey Avenue interchange, which opened around 2005.

[US101 widening]

This is the coastal hills. This set of hills usually isn't this green.

[US101 widening]

This is just before Metcalf, which never did get an interchange. The two new concrete lanes are going in to the center divide here. The ruts in the pavement from the work were noisy.

[US101 North]

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