US101 North Construction Photos in 2013

These are all from 9/18/2013 on US101 North in the Prunedale section. I was surprised to see this much construction going on this day. I will leave these photos up permanently. I will leave some of the older photos online permanently to show how much of a difference this project makes.   These projects were badly needed since at least the 1980s. These seven photos are all from Monterey County.  This is 156 just before US101.

[156 East]

These two photos are of US101 North at Crazy Horse Canyon Road. US101 was improved here around 1995. Also this was a hazardous intersection for years.

[US101 North]

There was a lot of earth moving work here.

[US101 North]

This is just before G11. You could not get to G11 from US101 North here.

[US101 North]

US101 South construction near Prunedale in September 2013
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