Sound Files

Noisy Highways

Here I will have a collection of  highway sound files in .wav format.
These aren't Dolby Noise reduction quality. There is no good way to record noise anyway!!
I figure that putting sound files up is one way to let you "be there" even when you're not, and the only "real time" way to experience a road trip on the net.

I recently drove from California to Michigan and found a few sections of the same type of noisy concrete in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, and even Michigan.

Nevada and Idaho

Interstate 80 East near Mile 28, Western Nevada. (335 kb, mono).

Interstate 86 West near Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho. (400kb, mono)

Interstate 80 East climbing Twin and Emigrant Summits, Nevada. (380kb, mono)

Interstate 80 East in the Carlin Tunnel (1.2 megs, mono)

Interstate 80 near Wells Nevada.


Interstate 580 (old US 50 pavement) just west of Palomares Rd (near Dublin.)

Normal Highway Sounds



Business Loop 80 in Sacramento, between 5 and 99. (270kb, mono)

Interstate 580 near Fallon Rd in Livermore, California.

US 101 in Menlo Park

US 101 Near Alum Rock Ave


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