Interstate Shields and Signs

One thing I have noticed after doing Interstate 80 a lot in California and Nevada is just how different the signs can vary from their stereotype. I80 between Sacramento and the State Line has about a 50-50 mix of Nevada-like and stereotypical California Interstate Shields.  Most freeway entrance signs in California seem to be the lettered kind.

Between Loomis and Applegate there are some mutated I80 signs, some much narrower than the direction sign or with goofy sized letters.

In Nevada, about 1/3 rd of the roadside shields are the lettered variety, and the very first one on East Bound I80 in Nevada is that kind. The rest are the big numbered, unlettered variety.  The freeway entrances are almost a 50/50 mix of the two.

Nevada's Stereotypical Sign
(Large Numbers, no letters)
Most roadside signs like this are grayer and older.
Idaho's Shields are probably a bit smaller but follow the same pattern.  

[Big Number Sign, Mile 187]

Lettered style, usually done with darker paint (but not this particular sign) and with smaller numbers.

[Lettered Sign, Mile 187]
  Nevada I80 West sign
This is taken near Wells, at Exit 343.
Note the National Forest in the background.

[I80 West Sign]

California's stereotypical freeway entrance sign.
It is similar to the above sign but much it is smaller.

[Lettered Sign, rest area in Sierra Foothills]

A California sign
This is similar to the large number Nevada sign.
There are large numbers.

[Big Unlettered Sign, just west of Alta]

More Signs
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