Nees Avenue East in Fresno Country

This first photo was taken 11/26/2003 over I5. There isn't a lot of smog this day, but the visibility isn't 100 miles either. Nees Avenue drops after the aqueduct. Interstate 5's exit signs recommend taking this exit to reach Fresno from I5.

[Nees Ave at I5]

Near I5 you see this mile post:
Firebaugh             18
Fresno                  59

A few miles East of I5. If only this photo had turned out better. There was a large herd of sheep drinking water out of a road side canal, and I never saw anything like this again here. This set is from August 26, 1995.
Nees Avenue passes by a lot of canals and San Joaquín River tributaries on the ride to Firebaugh.

[Nees Avenue East]

Nees Avenue at 33 in Firebaugh. Nees Avenue continues east (as Avenue 7 and Avenue 7 1/2 in Madera County) to 99, without really entering any towns at all.

[Nees Avenue East]

33 South in Fresno County
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