My Wheels

This was taken in August 2001 in Canton, Michigan.  I am not sure if I ever owned this car. I am joking.

[My Wheels. Maybe.]

I had thought of putting these car photos up for years. There was no big reason I did not put them up. I just didn't. This is a Datsun 240Z my mom and I took from Corpus Christi, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona in 1976. It was a great car and we did not have a lot of trouble with this car. It was kind of cramped for a long trip. It did good on the grades near Benson, Arizona and near Willcox, Arizona. I got hooked on Interstate 80 thanks to doing a lot of rides on I10 in Arizona and in New Mexico. This photo is from 1974.


I never drove this car! This was my mom's 1979 Chevette. It was bad news. This thing was turned into a tin can around May 1985 at about 58,000 miles. It was worse than usual. I was very surprised to see a Chevette at all after the mid 1980s. This replaced the 240Z. The brands of cars I would buy are: Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.


The next three photos are from my first car. It was a turbo diesel pick up I drove from 1990 to 1999. I could do Pacheco Pass at 77 MPH in 5th gear. I drove from San Jose to Las Vegas on a tank of fuel one time. A lot of my trip photos from the 1990s on this site were taken using this truck. I had some problems from "looney toon" auto repairs with this truck also. The bad auto repairs were made just before I bought it. It did very well in the snow and on steep climbs. I put old Texas plates on it as a gag for these photos.

[My wheels]

It really smoked when I would gun the engine. Also I got rid of tail gaiters easily.

[My wheels]

I watched a Cheech and Chong movie when I first got it and I got the inspiration to get a fuzzy red dash cover for it.

[My wheels]

This car is what I drove a lot from 1996 to 2010. I made a lot of trips in it that are or at least were online on my website. This car was very little trouble. It did really well in the snow also. This Toyota Corolla was very reliable.

[My wheels]

This was a hot shot rent a car from 2003. I loved this car and I thought about getting one. This was used on a Southern California trip. Some of that trip is online (US101 near 156 in 2003.) This is a Nissan Xterra. The only problem with this car was that we had to stop a lot for gas.

[My wheels]

This was a rent a car used on a trip in 2010. I really liked this car. It is a Chevy Cobalt.

[My wheels]

This was a 2007 Chevy Malibu used in the fall of 2006. It got excellent gas mileage. We all got sick on this trip.

[My wheels]

 If I do US6 across Nevada it will be in this car! This car is the one that holds the record for driving in the worst traffic in my life. I was driving I880 not long ago and it was worse than anything I ever saw on I405 or on I215! I never thought I would drive on anything like that in the Bay Area. Also I am sitting up higher in the other cars I have driven over the years. I have been driving this since 2010. A lot of trips on my site were taken in this car.


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