Michigan's Jiffi Stop Rest Area

This is just in from Mark Brunel. This is for real, and a good idea!

You might call it love at first flush. MDOT's
revolutionary JIFFI STOP rest area marks a milestone
in Michigan's transportation system.  JIFFI is an
acronym for Jons Installed at Fast Freeway
Intersections.   What makes JIFFI unique is its
innovative, space saving design.  Embedded right into
the corner of the M6-Kalamazoo bridge abutment, it
makes unnecessary the costly, expansive, and
disruptive addition of a full size rest area.  

The Kalamazoo Avenue interchange is unique and
revolutionary in its own right, quite apropos for
Michigan's first JIFFI.  Featuring a Single Point
Urban Interchange (SPUI, pronounced "Spooey"), this
new type of interchange can handle high traffic
volumes in a limited amount of space.  JIFFI's
diminutive footprint makes it the quintessential
complement to this space constrained intersection.
It's a JIFFI at a SPUI, making this rest stop a

When You Need to Go in a Jiffy, Make a Pit Stop at the
The new roadside rest area for Michigan's on-the-go
freeway travelers.

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