Interstate 75 South in Michigan

Mile 131
This is the exit for Montrose and Clio.

[I75 South]
US23 South in Flint
This is taken in April 2000 of I75, I69, and US23 from the air.

[air photo]

This is about Mile 108 in May 2002.

[I75 South]

Here is Mile 106 in May 2002.

[I75 South]

Mile 104
The pavement is actually dark but appears white because of all the salt. This is from January 2000.
This is south of Dort Highway (Michigan 54 which is former US10.) This part of I75 was US10. This is close to Mount Holly which is a ski area on top of an old landfill.

[I75 South]

Mile 90
This is the area where I275 and I75 were to meet again. This is from May 2002.

[I75 South]

Interstate 75 South
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