Interstate 70 East

I did not take enough photos of this important highway myself. These are from September 16, 1999.

Mile 302 in Colorado
Here I70 has noisy pavement. If you ever do I70 from I15 to Denver, you will go through extremely high mountain passes. I've never had a chance to do that part of I70.
You pass through rolling hills on your way into Kansas, which I was surprised to see has its own hills. I assumed Kansas would be as flat as the central valley of California, and it's not. It has hills in the western part of the state, around Salina, and also west of Kansas City.

[I70 East]

Here I70 in Illinois around Mile 76.
This is roughly between Vandalia and Effingham. I70 in Illinois mainly goes through rolling hills and groves of trees.

[I70 East]

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