Interstate 238 East in California

This interchange was redone in the mid to late 1980s.  You used to have to take surface streets to go from 580 East to 880 South or from 880 North to 580 East.  The loop from I238 East to 580 West was added then as well. 238 was never finished as a freeway south of here.

[i238 East]

Taking 580 West. 238 used to be called Highway 9 south of this interchange.

[I238 East]

These last two are from 6/24/2004. This interchange was totally redone around 1986. Before there was no direct access to I580 West.

[I238 East]

The mainline of the highway is above the loop here. Three lanes wide are provided in each direction of I580 shown above.

[I238 East]

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