Interstate 15 South and Interstate 80 West in Utah

These next two are from Kevin Weed from the same time frame of I80 West near Echo. The first picture is by Mile 158 and the second is by Mile 160. Parley's Canyon is a beautiful ride but be careful doing this ride out here. It is one of the most difficult mountain passes in the interstate highway system.

[I80 East

[I80 East]

These two are from Kevin Weed from the summer of 2014. I have been through here only once and it was at night. That's why I don't have pictures of Utah on my site. I80 West and I15 are multiplexed through here. In the past there were few signs that this is also I80. If you have never been out here the addresses can be in the format of something like "100 East 200 South." I have seen this format in Idaho also. This part of I80 and I15 is confusing.

[I15 South]

[I15 South]

I80 West starting in Wells, Nevada
I15 South from Barstow
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