Interstate 15 South in San Bernadino County

This is JCT I215 and JCT I15. I15 is a newly constructed route south of here and I215 was formerly I15E, US395, US91, and even US66 a little way. This is also 54 miles south of Barstow. This is looking at the hills just south of Riverside.

[I15 South]

This is nine miles south of I215. JCT SR210 (soon to be I210), a  freeway that has been built since 1998. It was formerly called SR30 until 1998. There are no carpool lanes anywhere on I15 (or I215) in the Inland Empire. This area sees very fast drivers from my experience. Route 81 was proposed to run from this area down quite a way south in the Inland Empire. It was to be close to Sierra Avenue and to join I215 30 miles south of here. It was to meet I215 just south of the eastern interchange with Route 60.

[I15 South]

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