G19 and G14 in Monterey County

Overlooking Lake San Antonio and the National Forest to the North West.
Cone Peak (5155') is to the left in the distance. Junipero Serra Peak (5862') and Pinyon Peak (5294') are just right of center. Its amazing that there can be mountains this tall near the Coast. The ocean is only about 20 to 30 miles from here, but very few roads lead from US101 to the Big Sur Coast, and they're not very driveable.

[G14 in Monterey County]

This photo shows a fire road running up Junipero Serra Peak, which is close to Arroyo Seco, a National Forest campground west of Greenfield.

[G14 West]

Now headed east.

[G14 East]

Looking towards Polonio Pass (Highway 46, former US466) and the mountains near Avenal, Coalinga, and Parkfield. You can see a long way from up here.

[G14 East]

G19 and G14 near Lake San Antonio
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