Felter Road above Milpitas and East San José

Highway 237 becomes Felter Road after passing 680. This is a possible corridor for the Route 130 freeway (which would link 680 with Interstate 5). Felter Road is generally fairly fast and two lanes. It turns into Sierra Road, which is one lane. You can reach Calaveras Reservoir off a slow two lane road that meets Felter Road, and there are some private roads (dirt roads) that link up with Kincaid Road near Mount Hamilton. This set is from October 1995.

This interesting sign warns you that this road has mudslides during the winter, especially during El Niño years.   If I remember right, there is a "ride at your own risk" sign on this road as well.

[Felter Road East]

Looking down on Milpitas and Fremont. This is looking down on the Milpitas and East San José foothills.

[Felter Road East]

To the left is Fremont Peak.

Looking east at the highest ridge top East of San José

[Felter Road]

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