Bad Roads

Is this the Intercontinental Highway in Colombia or Panamá? Donner Summit in 1580? Not even close. This is a dirt driveway that comes off Highway 9 in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This was taken back in October 1988 about three miles north from the summit. One time I actually saw a few inches of snow on top of this dirt road.

This is a road where the top layers of pavement have been ground away (lower part of the picture) and the rest has been completely removed (center of picture). This is from Fresno County's road resurfacing program, taken in August 1995. This is Jefferson Avenue Southbound approaching Tranquility. The dirt section of road is smoother than the ancient pavement. Manning Avenue had a long section in 1997 that was being resurfaced like this, but you had to drive on very bumpy ancient pavement for about 10 miles (at a very slow speed if you want to preserve your suspension.)

Jefferson Ave in Fresno County

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