About Me

First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting my site. I'm a highway enthusiast and have been since I was about seven or eight.  Two years after I discovered the Internet I also discovered highway enthusiast pages and couldn't get enough of them. I wasn't alone in wanting to learn and see more about highways and roads. It didn't matter if they were pages about roads I was familiar with, or about roads I'll probably never have a chance to see. So many unanswered questions I had were answered finally.  What is the route number of the proposed route (Route 64) that meets I5 at 170 in the San Fernando Valley?  And I discovered facts I never imagined. US50, Highway 4 in Contra Costa County, US101 south of San Francisco, and Route 58 were all submitted to become part of the Interstate Highway system, but they were not accepted.

I noticed I had quite a pile of about 90 rolls of highway pictures I had taken since I was a freshman in high school at Westmont High School. After college I started building this site in September 1998. Since then I have taken quite a bit of road trips and put a lot of them up here. All in all, I'd guess I've had 9,000,000 hits since September 1998, with my Interstate 80 galleries being the most popular. Some teenage highway enthusiast visitors to my site want to know which photos are from my high school era. Most of my original US101 and Highway 87 photos are from back then, and some of them are still online. This site does keep me busy and I try to work at it at least a little at a time.
My hobbies aside from this site include: running, walking, weight lifting, genealogy, gardening, listening to shortwave radio, Russian martial arts,  astronomy, and scanner listening. I have a Pro 2006 scanner from 1994. I can bench 300 and I can run a mile and a half in eight and half minutes. I have a BA in Spanish from SJSU from 1995. I was at San Jose State University from 1989 to 1996. My name was Eric King when I was in college. I took a few classes at Gavilan College. I went to high school in west San Jose. In the 1980s I ran around with Brian Delgado, Bill Keller, Mark Liljenstolpe, Derek Olender, Kyle Krpata, and Josh Legassick. In the 1990s at SJSU I ran around with Robert Raw, Jennifer Gardener, Rosa Carretero, Angela Beech, Allison Miller, Lynne Ireland, Israel Rodriguez, and Emigdio Saucedo. In the 1970s I ran around with Amy Campbell, Tony Gomez, Kyle McMenamy, and Jonathan Arnold. When I am on road trips I listen to music by: Heart, The Human League, Los Redondos (Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota), The Doors, and Motley Crue. I have read The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid over 100 times each. I have read them in Spanish and in English. I am learning Swedish and Italian also.
I do not use social networking so I will write down some of the things I am do.
I am learning C and I know BSD Unix. I am close to mastering C. I am learning assembly programming and Java. I have become a computer programmer recently. I eat spicy food. I watch telenovelas and I watch football games. Other than working on my web site I am not online long for personal time. I have about 92,000 names in my genealogy program. I use Roots Magic. I have done medieval genealogy also.
I listen to shortwave on a Tecsun Pl-600, a Tecsun Pl-660 SLV, and a Sangean ATS-909. I have used a Realistic Pro 2006 scanner since 1994. I bought a used Sony ICF SW7600G shortwave radio. I bought a Tecsun PL-880 recently also. I do not have a cell phone and I am not going to get one.

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