46 West in the Central Valley of California

This route links 99, I5, 33, 101, and Highway 1. From 99 to US101 it is formerly US466 (until 1964). It is proposed as Route 46 from Route 99 to Route 65 (and that is a section of Highway 65 that actually is complete.)

This set is from February 2002, so there is no smog in any of these. I'd say this was probably the best time of year to see this area.  Expect smog almost everywhere in the Valley during the summer, and tule fog during the winter. After I5 the photos are from 1995.

This is seven miles west of 99, in Wasco, in Kern County.

[46 West]

This is 13 miles east of I5.

[46 West]

This is five miles east of I5. The highway makes a bend through here, and some maps from the 1960s show I5 meeting 46 near here. The actual bend is a few miles to the west.

[46 West]

This is one mile east of I5. There is a group of service stations and motels ahead.

[46 West]

I5 North in Kings County
I5 South

46 West to US101 (former US466)
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