Interstate 280 North in Santa Clara County

These two pages are from my old set of I280 photos. Check my I280 index for the recent photos.
This is the merge from US101 North and US101 South onto 280 North.
This set at the start is from October 1986.

[280 North]

Here is 280 approaching 87, which was signed as "Downtown   Julián St." before May 1988.

[280 North]
Here is 280 at 87. The flyover from 280 to 87 South is blocked off here. In August 1993, it was opened down to Almaden Expressway. Back when this was taken (July 1986) you could take 87 North of 280 up to Santa Clara Street.

87 South
87 North

[280 North]

This is just past Southwest Expressway, which is not an official Santa Clara County expressway.

[280 North]

280 North
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