145 North in Madera County

145 connects Five Points, Helm, Kerman, Madera, and Highway 41. This set was taken in September 1996. 145 ends here, at the Junction of Highway 41. The road goes on as Millerton Rd, a fast way to Highway 168, from the Madera area.
Note the yellow color of the foothills. The mountain is called Little Table Mountain. Thanks to the summertime smog, you can't see the Sierras from here, with this set of photos. The foothills to the left, in the distance, are probably near Auberry (where 168 climbs slowly into the mountains). Unlike 180, 168 is mainly a slow highway.

If you're heading to 168 from Madera County, or points north, take 145 and continue on Millerton Road, to Friant Road, to Millerton Rd,  to cut out some slow traffic in Fresno. There will be a 168 freeway soon in Fresno, and it will have access to 99. I did take a 168 road trip in late winter once. Unfortunately, I didn't load the film right =(.

Looking due east, at the intersection of 41 and 145. 65 is proposed to meet this intersection here, as well.

[145 North]

Looking north easterly, at Yosemite. The cloud is probably over Half Dome.
The foothills to the left are tan and the nearby hills are yellow. I guess this is from different species of grass.

[145 North]

The Sierra foothills go on a bit west of here. This part of the Sierras, like 120 and 140, has a lot of mesas.

[145 East]

The foothills peeking out in the distance are near Coarsegold, O'Neals, North Fork, and Chawakanee.
You can pick out a stream of cars on 41 in the foreground. Note how the closer foothills are lower and covered in yellow, dry grass, and the more distant (taller) hills are covered in tan colored, dry grass and oak trees.

[145 North]

This is a negative scan from the same location on 145. This photo was not included in my developing from 1996.

[145 North]

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