Highway Photo Submissions

Like AAroads.com and  other sites, I'm requesting submissions of highway photos. I'm requesting you to submit your highway photos for all to enjoy. If you submit photos I will plan on leaving them online longer than I would leave one of my own photos on my site.

Please email me your photos with a description of where they were taken and any comments you have about them. I'll resize them to be 800 pixels wide, if possible. Optionally you can include when they were taken. Thank you very much! I'll credit you as the photographer. If you send in photos of highways I already have heavily covered I will put your photos in a separate gallery. I also leave up contributed photos for at least 15 to 20 years, if not longer than that.  My email account has a 2 GB quota, with 20 MB as an attachment size, so you can send quite a bit at once. I speak English and Spanish. I speak some Italian. I know Swedish about 25%.