Resources for Highway Enthusiasts
I found a way years ago to download YouTube videos with youTube-dl. The only problem was that YouTube changed so often that the program had to be updated a lot. With y2mate I just click on "save as" the size of file I want. I have a lot of highway videos from YouTube. It is a free service.
I have found it helpful when I get a new camera or memory cards to try out all memory cards with non-important photos at first before you take a trip. I took a ton of photos one time of my town and when I looked at them over the years I saw how much my town had changed. Try out your camera and all memory cards before you put them to use. Also run chkdsk on your memory cards every now and then. Never trust a faulty card on a trip! I bought a card that was defective in 2003 and I did lose photos because of it. Also make sure your batteries are ready for a trip. I also make sure my windows are clean before trips.


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